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Metabolic Conditions

Metabolic syndrome underlies the expression of most chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and low testosterone. Patients with metabolic syndrome are also more likely to experience musculoskeletal pains. Lifestyle management including diet, exercise, and supplements will also be discussed during this 4-hr. course.

Instructor:  Dr. David Seaman
Speaker sponsored by:  NCMIC
Classroom:  Mirabella F (General Session)


Common Chiropractic Injuries for LMTs and CTAs

This course is available to DCs, CTAs who have been licensed 3+ years and LMTs
Due to the hands-on nature of this course, class size is limited.
Portable massage tables requested.  If you have a table that you can bring, please let us know.  We can assist with storage, if needed.

With the ever-increasing number of chiropractors and chiropractic clinics offering massage therapy services, it is important for Licensed Massage Therapists and Chiropractic Therapy Assistants to gain knowledge and experience in the types of soft tissue injuries which are commonly seen in these environments. This 6-hour course will cover three frequently-encountered dysfunctions: Hypolordosis, Whiplash, and Sciatica. Each pathology will be covered in depth and includes protocols for their effective management – including assessment tests where appropriate, suggested modalities, contraindications, and common self-care strategies.

Instructor:  Joshua Grant, LMT
Classroom:  TBA (CTA Adv./LMT/DC Session)


Doctors' Boundaries, Ethics & Jurisprudence

The Tennessee Board of Chiropractic Examiners ((TBCE) requires all newly-licensed Tennessee chiropractors to complete a one-time six (6) hour board-approved course in risk management, sexual/professional boundaries, and Tennessee statutory and regulatory chiropractic jurisprudence. This course is designed to help the newly-licensed chiropractor more clearly understand all issues surrounding the profession of chiropractic in Tennessee.

Instructors:  Tiffany Stevens, ED, CTA, CXT and Dr. Don E. Cole
Classroom:  TBA (State-required course for newly-licensed doctors)


Resolving 7 Hidden Musculoskeletal Problems that Delay Recovery

Healthcare is changing- and regardless of who is ultimately paying for your patients’ care, they want results! This practical and entertaining 4-hour presentation will review 7 commonly overlooked problems that delay recovery. In one way or another, these 7 “functional” diagnoses contribute to many, if not all, of the “structural” diagnoses managed by chiropractors. The discussion will cover the current best practice evaluation and successful management of:

  • Upper Crossed Syndrome
  • Scapular Dyskinesis
  • Lower Crossed Syndrome
  • Hip Abductor Weakness
  • Paradoxical Breathing
  • Spinal Instability
  • Foot Hyperpronation

Successful recognition and management of these 7 diagnoses dramatically and immediately improves clinical results. Attendees will leave this class with advanced practical, evidence-based assessment and management skills to quickly resolve musculoskeletal complaints related to these disorders.

Instructor:  Dr. Tim Bertelsman
Speaker sponsored by:  ChiroUp
Classroom:  Mirabella F (General Session)


Getting it Right from Day One, Right Up to the First Re-Exam

Correct clinical procedures include the process of piecing together elements to create a consistent and accurate representation of what was done for the patient during a given encounter and why.  We’ll help you and your practice team get it right from day one!

Instructor:  Dr. Morgan Mullican
Speaker sponsored by:  Breakthrough Coaching
Classroom:  TBA (Breakout Option)


Mastering the Measurables

During this 2-hour course, Dr. Massey will discuss the use of quantitative data, algorithms, and guidelines to de-stress your case management, manage expectations, and improve outcomes.

Instructor:  Dr. Michael Massey
Classroom:  TBA (Breakout Option)


CTA/CXT Boundaries, Ethics & Jurisprudence

The Tennessee Board of Chiropractic Examiners requires all newly-licensed Tennessee Chiropractic Therapy Assistants (CTAs) and Chiropractic X-Ray Technologists (CXTs) to complete a one-time, two (2) hour board-approved course in risk management, sexual/professional boundaries, and jurisprudence. This course is designed to help newly-licensed and established CTAs and CXTs define all issues surrounding those boundaries.

Instructors:  Tiffany Stevens, ED, CTA, CXT
Classroom:  TBA (State-required course for newly-licensed CTAs/CXTS)


Advanced Strategies for Exciting Rehab for Every Patient

The first 2 hours of this course will be in the general session classroom and will then move to a different classroom for the final 4 hours.  Available to both DCs and CTAs. CTAs attending on Saturday should attend the entire 6 hours of this course. 

This course presents a systematic approach to increasing and enhancing patient rehabilitation outcomes by first creating an organizational structure for the advanced rehabilitation of patients in a musculoskeletal setting. Multiple exercise and rehabilitation strategies will be taught and participants will perform each one. These approaches will be enhanced by overlaying the current peer-reviewed research surrounding intensity and patient communication.

Following this course, each participant should be able to construct a systematic, progressing rehabilitation plan for every patient in pain, and will be able to harness their psychological advantages to increase compliance and the effectiveness of care.

Instructor:  Dr. Josh Satterlee
Speaker sponsored by:  Jane app
Classroom:  Mirabella F (General Session) for first 2 hrs.  After the morning break, this class will resume in classroom TBA.


World Class Manipulation & Integration

With more and more modalities being added to treat patients in chiropractic offices manipulation has become an after thought for many.  Not surprisingly, a multi-modal approach is where evidence continues to point.  However, this has led to a natural decay in palpatory and manipulation skill level.  Manipulation is a powerful tool that should be used to enhance other treatment modalities, not be replaced.  Participants will be shown current research on manipulation and how it applies to clinical practice and other modalities.  Next, the importance of dynamic palpation will be discussed.  Dynamic palpation tells the chiropractor exactly where to perform manipulation and which planes of motion to include.  Because being great at manipulation is a psychomotor skill, certain skills need to be learned and practiced to achieve mastery.  Finally, an in-depth analysis will be done on how to be great at manipulation.

Instructor:  Dr. Brett Winchester
Classroom:  Mirabella F (General Session)


Navigating the Climatic Climax in Chiropractic

This course examines the current climate of healthcare in the U.S. as it relates to the mental and physical health of the majority of the population. During this 2-hr. course, Dr. McAllister will cover the latest research and current, relative information on trending healthcare topics to maximize the value of chiropractic care.

Instructor:  Dr. Sherry McAllister
Speaker sponsored by:  Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP)
Classroom:  Mirabella F (General Session)


Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Therapy for the Shoulder

The purpose of this lecture/workshop is to improve the participant’s understanding of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization for  shoulder pathology.  The course will involve a combination of lecture and lab.  Attendees will learn and practice common assessment and exercise techniques.

Dr. Winchester will discuss developmental kinesiology as it relates to the shoulder, which exercises work the best for shoulder Impingement, what postural assessment tells you about shoulder stability and the implementation of multiple variation of soft tissue treatments to the shoulder.

Instructor:  Dr. Brett Winchester
Classroom:  TBA (Breakout Option)


Talking Through Timely Topics (Expert Panel)

Healthcare is ever-changing and providers are regularly impacted in significant ways by updated research, technology and policy changes. End the day with this discussion featuring our expert panelists sharing their knowledge covering a broad array of topics in a powerful fast-paced format. Panelists will share quick tidbits, best practices and more, including audience Q&A.

Instructor:  Panel Discussion, various speakers
Classroom:  Mirabella F (General Session)


The COVID Crisis: An Update

A course designed for chiropractic professionals, this course is designed to update Doctors of Chiropractic with the current data and trends regarding the ongoing pandemic. As a portal of entry provider, patients look to us as a source for accurate COVID knowledge.  Attendees will be given the necessary tools needed to counsel their patients regarding COVID decision making.

Instructor:  Dr. Don E. Cole
Classroom:  TBA (Breakout Option)


The Validation of Chiropractic: A Trend Long Overdue

This presentation will show how chiropractic validation is occurring, how you can recognize it and how your practice and patients can benefit.  Dr. Owens is currently in private practice in Buffalo NY and holds faculty positions in both chiropractic and medical academic and this blend of being “in the trenches” and teaching both medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic has provided a unique view of the chiropractic validation trend. This is resulting in increased utilization and attention to chiropractic’s role in the pain management, corrective, and wellness aspects of spine care.  Each of the phases of care has unique opportunities for you to help more patients, increase referrals into your practice and is independent of any specific technique or practice style.

Instructor:  Dr. William Owens
Classroom:  Mirabella F (General Session)


Acupuncture and Inflammation: How to diagnose inflammatory Patterns and Causes According to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches

Dr. Olson will examine the cause of different types of inflammation and the different treatment options available.  This class will open doors to understanding inflammation in a whole new wholistic way and provide treatment options that focus on the cause of the inflammation.  This approach will be usable on Monday morning with most every patient.

Instructor:  Dr. Rand Olson
Classroom:  TBA (Acupuncture Session)


X-ray Mechanics for the CXT

This course for CXTs is designed to go over the basics of x-ray technology particularly in areas of exposure and corrections. We will discuss and emphasize proper parameters of taking quality films and the guidelines as to how to achieve these films. There will be explorations into not only the spine but also upper and lower extremities. We will also discuss the ABCs of film reading and the importance of why the CXT must take quality films and the phrase “You can’t see what You can’t see”. There will also be time for case discussion and proper treatment parameters such as, when to refer out for further evaluation, when to retake films, patient positioning, machine set up and evaluation. The course will emphasize the importance of the role of the CXT in clinical decision making.

Instructor:  Dr. Dan Watkins
Classroom:  TBA (CXT Session)


From Bump to Baby with Chiropractic

During this 2-hr. presentation Dr. Fulbright will explore the role of chiropractic care in supporting the expecting mother during pregnancy and early post-partum as well as the baby on his journey from fetus to infancy.

Areas of discussion will include:

  • Maternal health disparities
  • Adjusting techniques during pregnancy
  • Principles of postpartum nutrition
  • Pediatric care:  evaluation and adjustment

Instructor:  Dr. LaKendra Fulbright
Classroom:  Mirabella F (General Session)


Common Pathology Considerations of the Lower Extremity in Active Care

Dr. Flores will explore the most prevalent causes of pain, disease, degeneration, and corrective measures as they relate to the foot and knee. He will offer practical ideas for the evaluation and treatment of the active patient as well as insight into effectively communicating these ideas to patients.  A correlation to teachings regarding basic pathology will be addressed. This program allows the practitioner to offer simple condition-based care, and to be able to make a proper referral to other specialists, if needed.

Instructor:  Dr. Enrique Flores
Speaker sponsored by:  Foot Levelers
Classroom:  Mirabella F (General Session)