West Seminar

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February 4-5, 2023
Location:  Hilton Memphis

This event is approved for CE credit for Mississippi DCs and CAs.

Available Courses at the West Seminar:
12 hrs. DC CE
Sat., 8am-5pm CT/Sun., 8am-12pm CT
6 hrs. CTA CE
Sat., 8am-3pm CT
Instructor:  Dr. Mike Powell
sponsored by NCMIC

Accelerating Recovery from Sports and Overuse Injuries
This portion is a shared session with CTAs.

This course will provide new insight into some of the most common problems for which patients seek help.  Focus will be on faster recovery, prevention of future injury and knowing when the patient is really at “pre-injury status”…or better.  Whether it’s tennis elbow, cervical strain, plantar fasciitis, hamstring pulls, rotator cuff injury or nerve damage; the brain plays a vital role in recovery and prevention.  In very practical ways, Dr. Powell will share how the brain works in ways that can make joints more or less stable.  We will identify specific common injuries and how to add brain-based methods to make treatment even more effective.  Brain-based care for more stable joints, responsive muscles, balanced compartments, resolution of inflammation and recovery from nerve damage will all be covered.  Hands-on adjusting, therapies and rehab will be used during class, so you are ready to implement right away in the clinic.

Simple, Brain-based Rehab for All Your Patients
This course will offer tools to help patients recover fully, prevent future dysfunction and take ownership of their health.  We will discern how issues with the brain are causing or contributing to a patient’s health concern.  Then we will develop efficient, low-tech ways to identify the proper targets for rehab in the brain.  Our class will progress with hands-on application of various low-tech/no-tech methods that will give the doctor new tools and ways to make existing rehab even more effective.  Doctors will be actively performing and leading their peers through the procedures being taught.  Additionally, Dr. Powell will share office procedures that make providing rehab fun, efficient and patient compliance high.

DC Boundaries, Ethics & Jurisprudence
8am-2pm CT (Saturday)
CTA/CXT Boundaries, Ethics & Jurisprudence
3pm-5pm CT (Saturday)

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