Spring Seminar

After careful consideration and comprehensive evaluation of currently available information related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and in response to newly-released guidance regarding events, the Tennessee Chiropractic Association has made the decision to reschedule this event. The new dates are reflected below.

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DC Session
Instructor: Tim Bertelsman, DC, CCSP, DACO
Speaker sponsored by: ChiroUp 

Game Changers: Practical Research from the Past Year for Improving Clinical Outcomes
June 27, 2020 – Saturday: 8am-10am ET
2 hours of DC continuing education

For the past decade, Dr. Tim Bertelsman and his team have been harvesting best practice recipes from emerging literature. This fast-paced and entertaining 2-hour course will cover what the past 24 months of literature has revealed about the best practice management for the most common clinical presentations. The presentation will include demonstrations of the essential skills for successfully managing the most common MSK complaints. Attendees will leave this class with greater understanding and confidence about how to manage the most common presenting problems.

Best Practice for Managing Low Back Pain
(Participants in the Orthopedic Diplomate program must complete this 10-hr. course. This is the 3rd of 5 TN live classroom sessions.)
June 27-28, 2020
Saturday: 10am-5pm ET  Sunday: 8am-12pm ET
10 hours of DC continuing education

This practical and entertaining presentation will begin with a discussion of the current evidence-based evaluation and management of common lumbopelvic structural pathology. The discussion will progress to review five commonly overlooked “functional” problems that delay recovery. In one way or another, these functional diagnoses contribute to many, if not all, of the lumbopelvic structural diagnoses that chiropractors treat. The presentation concludes by sharing current knowledge about the classification of low back pain. Attendees will leave this class with real-world tools to better manage the most common MSK presenting problem.

CXT Session
Instructor: Dan Watkins, DC

Spinal Radiology and Anatomy – a Study on Technique and Analysis
June 27, 2020 – Saturday: 8am-3pm ET
6 hours of CXT continuing education

In this course, Dr. Watkins draws from his nearly 20 years of experience to share a review of x-ray techniques, discussing the causes of bad films, for both film and digital x-ray. We will examine proper procedures necessary to take good films, as well as review spinal anatomy, as seen on x-ray. The course will provide an understanding of different lines of mensuration, as they relate to analysis of x-rays. Dr. Watkins will also discuss a variety of pathologies and artifacts found during the x-ray process.

CTA Session
Instructor: Ashley Stiltner, DC

Spinal Rehabilitation/Eating for Health
June 28, 2020 – Sunday: 8am-3pm ET
6 hours of CTA continuing education

This dynamic, two-part course will give you tactical and practical knowledge that you can begin using in the office Monday morning! One-half of the course will be dedicated to spinal rehabilitation. Dr. Stiltner will discuss the phases, rules, and protocols of rehabilitation, including a variety of therapeutic exercises. In the second portion of the course, you will learn about food as it relates to health. This will encompass several topics including: essential nutrient requirements, macro and micronutrients, glycemic index, healthy eating strategies, and elimination diets.

Also offered at this event:

Doctors Boundaries, Ethics and Jurisprudence (6 hours state-required course) – Saturday, June 27, 8am-3pm ET
CTA/CXT Boundaries, Ethics and Jurisprudence (2 hours state-required course) – Saturday, June 27, 3pm-5pm ET

CTA State Exam
June 27
, 2020
Saturday, 2:00pm ET
The Chiropractic Therapy Assistant Exam will be offered at this site in Pigeon Forge on Saturday.  You must apply prior to Friday, June 12, 2020.  Please fax your Exam Application (included with your 50 Hour Program) and exam fee to (615) 383-6233 (please mail form with check payments) or contact the TCA at 615-383-6231 with any questions.

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