December Seminar

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December 2-3, 2023
Location:  Nashville School of Law

Common Extremity, Sports Injury and Tendinopathy Complaints & Their Treatments
Instructor:  Dr. Brandon Steele
Speaker sponsored by ChiroUp
DC session hrs.:  Sat., 8am-5pm CT/Sun., 8am-12pm CT
CTA session hrs.:  Sat., 8am-3pm CT

This workshop led by Dr. Brandon Steele will cover the essential skills for treating common extremity complaints, including peripheral nerve entrapments, sports injuries, and tendinopathies. The course will review current best practices for evaluating, treating, and directing simple in-office or home-based rehab for these conditions, including hands-on practice for nerve tension testing and neurodynamic treatments.

6 hrs. state-required Doctors Boundaries, Ethics, and Jurisprudence
2 hrs. state-required CTA/CXT Boundaries, Ethics, and Jurisprudence